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Do you have ample process engineers on staff? Do some systems plug or fail to work regularly? Are you tired of your process disrupting production? By leveraging our in-depth knowledge to design integrated process systems, your organization can ultimately arrive at a successful project outcome without burdening already-consumed resources.   



  • Process Design Proficiencies

    • Dry Ingredient Handling​

    • Grain Handling

    • Meat Handling

    • Liquid Application

  • OPEX (operations expense)​

    • Operational expense improvement​

    • Operational best practices

    • Total Performance Management (TPM)

  • Cost savings initiatives

    • Technology

    • Right tool for the application

  • Logistics studies

    • Recommended delivery method

    • Process orientation with lean staffing in mind

    • De-bottlenecking traffic flow patterns

  • Project integration with 3rd parties & suppliers

    • Integrated schedule development

    • Identify critical path

    • Adaptable to varying project execution models

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