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A well-defined project charter helps
unify the direction for all stakeholders.

Typical Project Charter Considerations Include:


Why is this project being pursued? Does the expected ROI support the project? Envisage Solution can help codify the importance of a project and bring challenging questions to the surface during conceptual development.


What products will be made, at what capacity, utilizing what technology? Appropriate equipment selection and placement is driven by these criteria and is crucial for a successful project – producing the product desired at expected production rates. Envisage Solution would be glad to help consider the pros and cons so well-considered decisions can be made early in the process.


Have you identified an acceptable range for the budget? What is the desired payback period? We have a lot of experience in the industry to assist in preparing a factored estimate to aid in evaluating the decision to proceed with the project.


When does the project need to be operational to meet its objectives? A benefit of being in the industry for a number of years is the experience to see the critical path items, and the relationships to confirm lead times to inform creation of a reasonable timeline.

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