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Our primary goal is to ensure feasibility and operational viability for your upcoming project. 



Our team of experts are guided by foundational principles which are also top of mind for you supporting overall project success. Draw upon the variety of our experience from our farming roots to production facility leadership, through OEM experience to engineering management, we offer a unique viewpoint of the many facets of project development. Therefore, we respect all aspects of the project and engage all people involved. Put our combined experience of over 40 years to work for you. 



Jasson grew up on a diversified family farm and ranching operation in a small town in Kansas.  He then built upon this foundation at Kansas State University with degrees in both milling science and agricultural economics which spring boarded him into a career in process engineering and management. Jasson is a devoted leader who instills diligence and directs cross-functional teams to accomplish strategically aligned goals. His career goal and passion is to advance sound principles while sustaining a unified technical community mutually focused on the delivery of results, not promises.

Jasson's process engineering and key leadership roles:

  • 20+ years project scope development and design at corporate level

  • 5+ years plant operations management, factory level

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John grew up on the family farm in North-Central Kansas. His inherent interest in agriculture systems led him to seek education from Kansas State University focusing on biological and agricultural engineering. John's career path has afforded him the ability to hone his skills in process supervisory and engineering roles working for agriculture-related companies with the last few years focused in the pet food and food industry.

John's process engineering and key leadership roles:

  • 7+ years project scope development and design at corporate level

  • 3 years plant operations management, factory level

  • 9+ years product engineering and design management, OEM level

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Envisage Solution Core Competencies:

  • Master planning for market projections

  • Business and operational objective identification

  • Project scope development

  • Project charter development

  • Budgetary estimate

  • Conceptual design development

  • Procurement for capital execution

  • Hygienic equipment design methods

  • Grain grinding systems

  • Ingredient storage solutions

  • Dry ingredient batching

  • Pneumatic and conveyance methods

  • Mechanical and conveyance methods

  • Dust collection and aspiration systems

  • Mixing technologies/further processing

  • Process optimization dry/wet processes 

  • OPEX (operations expense) ​

  • Cost savings initiatives ​

  • Ingredient, recipe, and product organization - portfolios

  • Powder application technology

  • Meat handling/batching process

  • CIP (Clean in Place) systems

  • Liquid application technology

  • Biomass processing systems

  • Ingredient dosing systems

  • Sequence of operations development

  • Multi-discipline management/coordination

  • Schedule development

  • Constructability study

  • Logistics studies

  • Project integration with 3rd parties and suppliers​

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