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When we work with you, the conversation starts with the end in mind. The solutions we offer envisage successful outcomes for you and your business. In an effort to offer the highest value to you as your owner's engineer, our services are guided by these attributes:



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Do you need to create or update your plan for a facility’s future 3 years, 5 years, or 10 years from now to align with your target growth projection? A master plan facilitates efficient capital investment by minimizing wasted time, money, and redundant effort by keeping an eye on goals beyond today’s immediate need. 


Has a summary of project objectives been recorded and approved by project stakeholders? Has an acceptable budget been identified? A written project charter ensures that stakeholders share a common vision of a project rather than relying on individual understanding, interpretation, and assumptions to smooth the path to a universally successful result.


(Ingredient, Recipe, Product)

Do you have a full picture of the ingredients used in your facility and all the forms it is received? Do you know all the SKUs your facility produces, and the ingredients required to make them? Understanding the interrelationship between a SKU that is sold and the ingredients required aids efficient inventory management and production scheduling.


How was the budget used in the project justification prepared and has it been updated since? Does spending need to be forecast over the project duration to handle cash flow? Project budgets, and their purpose, evolve over time as the project becomes more fully defined. 


Has your sketch matured to the point that a 3D model should be created to ensure it fits in the intended space? Will there be enough room for the operators and maintenance team to access the equipment? Identifying this during early development is much more cost effective than changes made in the field. Modifications during installation are detrimental to a project’s budget, reinforcing design development as the most impactful part of value engineering.


Are you lacking application engineering resources needed to deliver the answers you need? Leverage our in-depth knowledge to design integrated process systems that simultaneously draws upon our network of resources formed over 40 years of synergistic interactions.

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