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A collaborative approach is proven to be a more efficient methodology of working together that offsets delays and assures continuous alignment. 

Design reviews offer a visualization of model progression by leveraging an interactive model for cross-discipline integration. This 3-D tool enables our clients to envision key elements and provide impactful and timely feedback. 

We employ vendor provided component models to provide an accurate depiction of the integrated processing system. This holistic model becomes the single source of truth for the project feeding design, fabrication, and construction planning. This simplifies hand-offs, reduces risk, and compresses schedules when compared to recreating models for each consumer of information at different stages of development.

As a result of leveraging our in-depth knowledge to design integrated process systems, your organization can ultimately arrive at a successful project outcome without burdening already-consumed resources.  



  • Process Design Proficiencies

    • Dry Ingredient Handling​

    • Grain Handling

    • Meat Handling

    • Liquid Application

  • OPEX (operations expense)​

    • Operational expense improvement​

    • Operational best practices

    • Total Performance Management (TPM)

  • Cost savings initiatives

    • Technology

    • Right tool for the application

  • Logistics studies

    • Recommended delivery method

    • Process orientation with lean staffing in mind

    • De-bottlenecking traffic flow patterns

  • Project integration with 3rd parties & suppliers

    • Integrated schedule development

    • Identify critical path

    • Adaptable to varying project execution models

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